Monday, June 4, 2007

New taro patch

Yesterday I threw together some cinder blocks (locally I've heard it called "hollow tile") to make a small raised bed, added in some soil, and planted the taro huli I collected a few days ago. I think it ought to work ok. I planted it on a different side of the house, the South side, so it'll get a little more light. I've got my fingers crossed.

Also started putting together the new fish pond, to be built out of cinder blocks and a pond liner. It ought to be about 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, maybe 3 feet deep. Assuming my math is right, that'll give me 96 cubic feet. With about 7.5 gallons per cubic feet, I should end up with a pond that's 720 gallons.

I'm guestimating that I can grow about 1 pound of fish per 8 gallons of water. That means I ought to be able to raise about 90 pounds of fish. This is all pretty serious guestimation. I have read of aquaponic systems that could maintain 1 pound of fish per 2 gallons of water. I'm hoping that my system will work at least 25% as good as one of those systems. But I'll hedge my bets and shoot for 5o pounds of fish for the first batch. Another guestimation is that it'll take six months to grow out tilapia to that size.

We shall see....

Right now I'm waiting on pond liner from Home Depot. They were out, go figure, I have great timing. I'm looking for this heavy duty rubberized stuff that's supposed to be guaranteed for 20 years. Hopefully it'll get here soon.

Oh yeah, collected casings from the worm bins yesterday, mixed it in with the soil in the raised bed from which I took that taro. Mowed the lawn today and started another compost pile.

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