Friday, June 29, 2007

Status: not much been going on.

I've had some sort of flu thing going on for the last ten days, so not much going on, however, some quick status...

Chickens: Coop is about 90% done. I need to make some mods to the roof and paint it with something to keep the rain from rotting away. In the meantime, I've got it tented with a tarp, and am keeping 13 chicks in it. The brooder was getting way too small, the birds way to big. They seem to be getting along much better. I was having a serious pecking problem, which doesn't seem as bad anymore.

Fish: well, we had an "incident" on Monday (as I write this it is just barely still Thursday). "Somehow" the air stone got pulled out of the tub. It looks like the neighbor kids got a little too touchy feely. Anyway, Tuesday morning I noticed the problem, but by then 3 of the big tilapia were dead. I changed out half the water, got the air stone back on line, and now everything seems fine. I've seen at least a dozen tilapia fingerlings, so long term it's not too bad of a setback.

The new taro bed is looking good, as is the mini-taro bed I put in the front.

I harvested some fennel last week. I think it was past time, it was fairly tough and stringy. I don't thing I'm a real fan of the fennel.

The bananas are doing fine, and I transplanted in about 30 bean plants for "intercropping."

I started some peanut plants last week, which I planted today. I bought some raw peanuts from the store, took out the beans, put them in a ziploc bag with a wet paper towel, and within about five days they were sprouting. I finally put them in some dirt today.

Being sick sucks, it's cramping my style. I've got tons to do, but no gas to turn on to get it done.

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