Sunday, July 1, 2007

Fish switch over, status

Well, I bought my own 100 gallon rubbermaid stock tank on Friday, and this morning I switched over to using it. I also separated out the guppies. It was kind of a bummer, the fish I thought actually might be baby tilapia turned out to actually be female guppies. Apparently the female guppy doesn't look much like the male. Who knew? Probably lots of people, but not me.

So, I no longer know if I have a male-female pair among the tilapia I now have. They could be a real dead end, which is a bummer.

The guppies are in my old fish tank. I tossed in an extra airstone (attached to pump), so they should be fine.

I had some taro growing kind of like weeds in the raised bed where I used to keep a lot of my taro, so I washed a few off and stuck them in the guppy tank. So now I have some taro keikis growing in the guppy tank, and a five full size hulis growing in the tilapia tank. I'll add some picture tomorrow.

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