Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clearing the "back 40" and updates to website.

I've spent a few days now clobbering down brush, weeds, guaivi (sp?), rose apple seedlings, dead wood, dead ferns, and trash from the back third of my lot. I'm going to try and wipe out pretty much everything back there, set it up for some hydroponics, grow some bananas, maybe some bamboo, a few other projects. It's too much space to just let go to waste, I think it's about 40 feet deep and 70 feet wide. It could be a little deeper, I should measure. I'm planning to get my whole yard fenced this Summer (better hurry, Summer is fading...).

I added a list of "things to come" to the index page. Basically I'd like to add some info regarding composting, vermicomposting, some info on hydroponics/aquaponics/worm-water hydroponics, some stuff about raising chickens. I'm thinking about asking around to different people and groups for other information that might be useful for gardening over on the Hilo side.

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