Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sweet Potato and Potato experiments

Today I bought a 32 gallon rubbermaid garbage can from Home Depot, cut it into two parts. Took the top half, set it in the yard, filled it full of a mix of compost, peat moss, and cinder-soil. Planted that with a bunch of sweet potato plants I tore out of the banana bin (the banana bin used to be the sweet potato bin, and every piece of root I missed in converting it grew into a new sweet potato plant, so I'm trying to clean those out) today.

The idea is to give it 4-6 months, track how much I get out in terms of leaves (which are edible, I have some recipes (untested) on my webpae), and see how much I get in terms of potatoes. I'd like to know how area efficient calorie wise that sweet potatoes can be grown here.

I used the bottom part of the garbage can as a container for some seed potatoes I had from some potato plants I'd grown a while back. I filled the gb container just a few inches, as the potato plant grows I'll add more material, attempting to "hill" the potato plants.

NOTE: these seed potatoes are from the plants I harvested from a long while back. I'd pulled the plants out, harvested potatoes, put them back in to see what would happen. The plants never really did well after that, so I think that's a failed experiment. I did have success doing the same thing with sweet potato plants, but obviously that doesn't extend to potatoes

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