Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A long week/weekend

Not to say that it was long in terms of more time available, just long in terms of the amount of work.

Last week I got some cassava starts from some great folks down in Kapoho. They kindly hooked me up with more than enough starts to establish a cassava patch. I haven't put them anyplace permanent yet, I need to do some work, put together a patch for them, so I cut them into appropriate lengths (about a foot long), and put them in dirt to motivate some rooting.

Ann, one of the people I got cassava from, told me that the cassava will grow well in poor quality soil, so that's a bonus, because I have some of that ;o)

Saturday I got some tilapia of various sizes from Darryl, and populated the pond. I don't think they're dead yet... ;o) This week I'm hoping to get together a biofilter, and maybe next weekend kludge together some hydroponic beds using the fish water as fuel.

Since then I've been cleaning up the mess, and dealing with the dirt I excavated when digging the pond. I also filtered through my compost pile. So right now I have a garbage can full of dirt with a lot of clay in it, and an equivalent garbage can filled with compost. Now I just need to build a bin to put it all in.

Also, since our tax refund looks pretty good, Eri says I can get more dirt, so I'm looking at getting a 20 ton shipment of cinder-soil delivered. My neighbors are probably gonna hate me while that pile is sitting in the front yard, but hopefully they'll get over it.

One last thing, my yellow crookneck squash plants seem to be doing great, no pickle worm or squash vine borers yet. Some of the squash seem really close to the point where we could eat them. Crossing my fingers...

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