Sunday, December 14, 2008

End of the year, far from my goal for the year...

My lack of keeping up with this blog is pretty representative of how busy I/we have been this year, with Eri (my wife) going to work as a special education teacher while working on her master's degree in special education, as well as trying to keep up with that whole parenting thing (three boys are a lot of work), the kendo, and of course, the job...

Anyway, I have not been as productive as I wish. My goal for this year was to finish the year off being in a steady state of producing all of our own veggies and most of our own fruits. Well, not by a long shot.

Most of the fish are still alive, though I get the odd "floater" now and then in the primary tank. I lost a bunch of fish when SOMEONE (I can name some probable names here) unplugged the air pump to the secondary tank. I definitely need to add more plants to the system, for the benefits of both the plants and the fish, but that's not happening very fast.

The raised beds have been pretty unproductive, through no fault of their own. I haven't been keeping up with planting at all. Here and there I get stuff in the ground, but a lot of the space is just maintained, not really used.

I have been doing ok with vines lately. I added a page to the site about how the viney plants have been going.

And that's about it....


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